Adding Indian Rupee Symbol into Lotus Sametime Chat (Instant Messaging)

In my previous post, I talked about Lotus Notes Client’s extensibility and provided a way for an add-in to contribute a menu option in Notes so a user can quickly add “Indian Rupee” symbol   into any Notes document.    I am sure as you start to use the new Rupee Symbol, you will want to also add it when you are chatting with your colleague using the Lotus Sametime client.  Beauty is that the Lotus Sametime Client is also a client which can be customized, by adding what we call “Plugins”.

Thanks to Bidisha Ghosh, who was able to create a plugin for the Sametime Client.  Once you have installed this plugin, you will see a button in the ST Chat, like below:

This does require you to have Sametime Client 8.0 or later, or am embedded sametime client within your Notes Client (Standard Client).    Here are the instructions on how you can download this plugin and install it in your sametime environment.

Find the ZIP file at ->

First download this file, and unzip it on your hard-disk.  (let’s assume you unzipped it at c:\rupee)

If you are using Standalone Sametime Client Version 8.0 or higher)

  1. Select “Tools->Plugins-> Install Plugins” menu option
  2. select “Search for new features to install”
  3. Select “Add Folder location” and provide the folder where you unzipped the above file (e.g c:\rupee)
  4. click on “Finish”
  5. In the next dialog, select the “checkbox” and again go through the dialogs, selecting “I agree” to complete the installation.
  6. Restart the Sametime Client to get this Rupee Symbol.

Similar steps need to be done if you are using integrated Sametime Client in the Standard Version of the Notes Client.   First you need to enable the Installation Option to install the plugin.  Do the following:

1) Browse to <note_install_directory>/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini
2) In the plugin_customization.ini file add the following line and save.
3) Start up your Notes client.
4) Select the File -> Application -> Install menu option to install the plugin (Follow the same steps as above)

Happy Chatting!!


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